Government Program

Military, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services personnel has their privileges. This is one of them. offers quality gears and equipment at a direct rate for the uniformed servicemen on an individual basis.

When you register with our store, you will be able to make purchases of most of the products. However, there are certain products that are sold only to military, law enforcement and emergency services personnel. To participate in our "Government Program", you are required to provide proof of your service status. It may take several days for verification of your submitted information and for your membership to be accepted. To expedite the process, please do submit proper details.

There are restrictions in place to prevent abuse. Excessive purchase is an abuse. "Government Program" members are not to re-sell the products purchased from this website for a profit. Your membership will have a default expiry following certain timelines, such as ORD dates. Should your membership expire, please do re-register again giving us fresh information if you wish to continue as a member of our "Government Program", otherwise, your registration is still on our store and you may continue to purchase other non-Government Program products on this website.

We reserve the rights to decline a membership application, or to terminate any existing membership, without giving any reasons whatsoever. We may also refuse a sale, notwithstanding that payment has been received. In such instances, refunds, less bank and administrative charges, will be made.