Frequently Asked Questions

Question : What is Oakley SI ?

Answer : Oakley SI (commonly known as Oakley Standard Issue) is the tactical range of Oakley products, used by the military and police for tactical situations, operations and training.


Question : Where can I purchase Oakley SI products in Singapore ?

Answer : You may purchase Oakley SI products from, Black Tactical @ Funan or HorNest @ BigSplash. is a specific members only domain, meant only for uniformed servicemen.


Question : Who can join this program ?

Answer : Uniformed personnel serving in the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Home Affairs, whether in the NS or Regular service, may join this program.


Question : I registered on-line but could not immediately log-in to access the product information and make purchases. Why ?

Answer : Every application has to be approved before a purchase can be made. A relevant ID is required to confirm your service status. The process will usually take one working day, and longer if not all information are submitted.


Question: I am a civilian and I like Oakley SI tactical product series. Can I purchase them ?

Answer : Yes, you can. We have 2 outlets, Black Tactical @ Funan and HorNest @ BigSplash, retailing Oakley SI products.


Question : I purchased 3 different models of Oakley tactical eyewear for my own use, but my sales was declined. Why ?

Answer : To prevent abuse of this program, each member is allowed to purchase only one eyewear, excluding the Ballistic M-Frame, from each point of sales.


Question : My membership was terminated although I am still a serving member in the uniformed service. Why ?

Answer : There are a host of reasons why we choose to terminate a membership. It could be administrative, as we require fresh information to validate your status.


Question : I do not live in Singapore. Can I make an on-line purchase ?

Answer : No, we do not ship out of Singapore. And also, you have to join as a member before you can make an on-line purchase on this site.