Our store is opened to all customers.


We provide high quality military / police and sports equipment. To make a purchase, a simple registration is required.

Some products are sold specifically to members of Government / Uniformed Groups, under our "Government-Program" categories. Additional information is required to process the membership upgrade. "Government-Program" members also enjoy discounted rates on most products.

We generally sell to customers in the Southeast Asia countries. However, due to the complexities of packing multiple products, please kindly select your products and request for shipping quotes.

Look out for products are tagged **Not for Dealers. This effective means that we are selling "single piece" at prices that Dealers would normally pay for a bulk purchase.

Government-Program Segment



Most Oakley SI and Victorinox products are sold exclusively to military, law

enforcement and emergency services personnel only. Please submit proof

that you belong to this group for upgrade to "Government-Program" membership.