PELICAN Tactical Lights


PELICAN 2380 LED 2AA Adjustable Spot-Flood Black 6653
SKU: 023800-0000-110
INSTANT SPOT TO FLOOD.A dual purpose tactical light with flood and spot light capabilities: A wide light beam illuminates your work area and a focused light beam will light-up long trails. Our sophisticated Slide-Beam technology instantly alters the beam... read more
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PELICAN 7610 LED Tactical Flashlight 12171
SKU: 076100-0000-110
Don't let low battery power freezed you in your tracks. The new PELICAN 7610 LED Tactical Flashlight is compatible with 1AA, 2x CR123 or the Pelican 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery, giving you choices to reload with more battery options to keep the... read more
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