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VICTORINOX Parachutist Knife 3000
SKU: Z.1000SAK
Parachutist Knife
Our price: SG$44.94
including GST 7% ( SG$2.94 )
VICTORINOX Skipper Pro, Blue 7600
SKU: 0.8503.2MW
Key Features:
Essential nautical tool
Swiss made pocket knife with 12 functions, including lockable marlin spike and bright orange lanyard
Length: 111mm
Height: 24mm
Weight: 196g
Beautiful, stress-free,... read more
Our price: SG$113.85
including GST 7% ( SG$7.45 )
Victorinox, Dual Pro Military 4850
SKU: 0.8371.MWC.4R
Key Features: Multi-functions, Large Lockblade for One Hand
Length: 111mm
Height: 20mm
Our price: SG$70.03
including GST 7% ( SG$4.58 )
Victorinox, Ranger Grip 71 Gardener 8250
SKU: 0.9713.C
Key Features: 7 functions, Heavy-Duty Scissor with Lever, Woodsaw
Length: 130mm
Height: 28mm
Weight: 218g
Our price: SG$119.84
including GST 7% ( SG$7.84 )
Victorinox, Ranger Grip 79, Red/Black 5850
SKU: 0.9563.MC
Key Features: 12 functions, Large Lockblade for One Hand Woodsaw
Length: 130mm
Height: 22.5mm
Weight: 167g
Our price: SG$86.88
including GST 7% ( SG$5.68 )
Victorinox, Ranger Grip Boatsman 17000
SKU: 0.9798.MWC8
Key Features: Multi functions, Heavy-Duty
Length: 130mm
Height: 33mm
Weight: 218g
Our price: SG$241.18
including GST 7% ( SG$15.78 )
Victorinox, Rescue Tool 8600
SKU: 0.8623.MWN

Key Features: 15 functions, Disc Saw for Shatterproof Glass, Window Breaker
Length: 111mm
Height: 21.5mm
Weight: 167g

When every second counts!
The Victorinox RescueTool was developed and perfected in cooperation... read more
Our price: SG$122.09
including GST 7% ( SG$7.99 )
Victorinox, SAF Standard Issue Pocket Knife 4150
SKU: 0.8463.MW3
Key Features: 12 functions, Large Lockblade, Woodsaw
Length: 111mm
Height: 18mm
Weight: 128g
Our price: SG$52.43
including GST 7% ( SG$3.43 )
Victorinox, Swiss Soldier's Knife '08 4500
SKU: 0.8461.MWCH
Key Features: 10 Functions, Large Lockblade for One Hand, 2/3 wavy edge. Two components scles for outstanding grip.
Length: 111mm
Height: 18mm
Weight: 131g
Our price: SG$65.17
including GST 7% ( SG$4.26 )
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