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CAMMENGA Compass, Lensatic, Phosphorescent, Olive Drab 9300

Cammenga quality. Modest price. For those who prefer a more cost-effective means of navigating terrain, we offer a Phosphorescent Lensatic Compass option. This compass is essentially the same trustworthy model supplied to the U.S.... read more
Our price: SG$104.86
including GST 7% ( SG$6.86 )
CAMMENGA Destinate Tritium Protractor Compass 12030
The Cammenga Destinate Model D3-T Tritium ProtractorCompass incorporates all the same high quality parts andmaterials that are in the Model 3H Tritium Lensatic Compass, theOfficial U.S. Military Compass. The D3-T is built to the samedemanding specifications... read more
Our price: SG$127.33
including GST 7% ( SG$8.33 )
CAMMENGA Detachable Watch Compass, Nylon strap 9811
SKU: WC-10
Brand new to the Cammenga compass lineup, the WC10 can be used by itself or added to your existing watchband. This non-liquid-filled model uses a free-floating dial, enabling its use in a variety of extreme climates.

Detachable... read more
Our price: SG$82.39
including GST 7% ( SG$5.39 )
CAMMENGA Tritium Lensatic Compass S.W.A.T. Black 13720
This lensatic compass is customized especially for S.W.A.T., F.B.I., D.E.A., S.O.G., law enforcement agencies, etc., featuring a low lustre black finish. CAMMENGA has been the government’s exclusive manufacturer since September, 1992. Tritium light... read more
Our price: SG$155.79
including GST 7% ( SG$10.19 )
CAMMENGA Tritium Lensatic Compass, Official US Military Issue, Green 13460
This lensatic compass has been used by US troops, foreign militaries, law enforcement, special forces, and outdoor enthusiasts of every variety for decades. CAMMENGA has been the governmental exclusive manufacturer since September, 1992. Tritium light... read more
Our price: SG$152.80
including GST 7% ( SG$10.00 )
CAMMENGA Tritium Wrist Compass 5400
SKU: J582T
Lightweight and accurate. The CAMMENGA TRITIUM WRIST COMPASS, Model J582T, provides easy on-the-go referencing for land navigation at day or night. Constructed with a machined aluminum casing for durability in the most demanding conditions. Easy to read... read more
Our price: SG$64.41
including GST 7% ( SG$4.21 )
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